Win More Voice-Over Auditions

by Jason McCoy

Updated August 2022

In this episode of the Voice Acting 101 Podcast, you'll learn:

  • 3 factors a client considered when hiring a voice-over actor
  • Why it's important to figure out the reasons you aren't being hired
  • Steps to take to increase your chance of winning an audition

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  • Another great podcast, Jason! Thanks for laying some awesome bricks of wisdom in the foundation of my VO career!

  • Hey Jason just wanted to say thanks for another helpful podcast and I appreciate you adding value to all of us! I will be looking into coaching soon once my DIY booth gets done (I was competing with too many things in my house despite sound treatment of my space), and will start adding a take or two to auditions and track that to see if that in its self lands more jobs.

    • Glad it helped you Nathan! Let me know if you notice a higher booking ratio with two take auditions.

  • Very helpful. I’ve offered multiple takes on play2play sites on occasion. But like you said, it can be time consuming. If I do I try to indicate that within the slate. Do you think it wise to slate your audition file in general? Could that help you stand out, if the slate isn’t too long?

    • I don’t usually recommend slating auditions. 10+ years ago I had a sentence I would use to slate each one and it worked out well (leading to more hires) but today I think it would just annoy the client to listen through it. Anytime I’ve hired and come across a slate it just feels like it slows the whole process down. So if you do it, definitely keep it short. It would be an interesting test to run to see if slating ends up with more or fewer jobs.

  • Thank you for this. I do multiple takes, but not on a consistent basis. I believe I am going to start doing this. However, the length of the script would be a consideration.

    • Yeah, definitely want to keep the length of the audition script in mind when doing multiple takes.

  • In reference to multiple takes when auditioning, would you mention that prior to the reads so they know and don’t just move on before hearing them all? Especially if they only listen to the first 15 secs? Just wondering??

    • Yes, I think you’d have to otherwise you risk them skipping the audition. I would keep it very short though so you get to the actual audition takes as quickly as possible.

      • I provide a cover letter with the audition and in that letter, I state multiple takes, as well as IF I made changes to the script to make it more palatable to the American ear. Some of the auditions I do are for countries other than America, and the translation is not always suitable.

        • Good idea. I guess it depends on who you’re doing the audition for as to if the cover letter is ever seen.

  • Great insight! This puts a lot of perspective into the art of auditioning! There is a method to this madness after all!

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