23 Ways to Find Voice-Over Work Today

by Jason McCoy

What does it take to find voice-over work?

I mean, you’ve probably already…

Mastered your voice-over training…

And your recording studio setup is killer

…with expensive gear that makes you sound amazing!

But…where is the voice-over work?

How can you land more voice over jobs?


Voice-Over Resources (The Ultimate List)

by Jason McCoy

Voice-over is fun, but it's also a business.

And like any business there are voice-over resources like tools, equipment, products and people that will help make your business more successful.

In this guide, is a list of 20+ important categories related to running your voice-over business.

This includes over 80 options to help you in your voice-over career, no matter where you currently are.


Are Auditions The Final Job? Q&A

by Jason McCoy

Today's voice-over question comes from Craig, via a comment on the Voice Acting 101 YouTube channel...


"The audition submittals we create and send to be considered.... are they really auditions and the real deal is to be recorded later, or are they intended to be the final product for consideration?

I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere...

Thanks, Craig"


How to Generate Leads Online

by Jason McCoy

What's the quickest way to grow any business?

Find people (aka leads) who want to buy what you offer.

In this guide, I'm going to show you how to generate leads online for your voice-over business (or really any Business-to-Business company).

So a couple weeks back, I posted this guide on using a CRM to your advantage.

That guide answered some questions like:

What is a CRM?...

How can a CRM help your business?...

What to track with a CRM?...


Using a CRM in Your Voice-Over Business

by Jason McCoy

Building a sustainable voice-over business requires one-on-one relationships with your clients.

So how do you start, nurture, and maintain those relationships?

Direct Voice-Over Marketing

Marketing directly to potential voice-over buyers and turning a one-time voice-over job into a repeat client is the best way to build your business.

No middleman. Just you (the voice talent) and them (the buyer).


9 Voice-Over Productivity Tips

by Jason McCoy

The past few months have flown by!

Work, family, and life in general have been crazy busy.

As a self-employed voice-over actor, there’s always something that needs to be done in your business.

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day.

So I try to make every. minute. count.

You have to if you want to meet your goals and get things accomplished.

Today you'll learn 9 tips you can use to be more productive as a voice-actor.


Voice-Over Tips for Better Sounding Voice-Over

by Jason McCoy

Every once in awhile someone will ask me to give their voice-over demo or a recent audition a listen and provide feedback (Usually b/c they aren’t getting enough VO work and want to know WHY).

Some sound amazing

…and others need some work.

And while I can’t read the mind of a client, I can tell when something sounds off.

It could be their performance that’s holding them back, but usually it’s simply the quality of the recording.


Stop Marketing Voice-Over (This Way)

by Jason McCoy

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve gotta continually build your client base.

If you don’t you’ll either never get your business off the ground or you’ll eventually go out of business.

Even if you’re happy with the number of clients you have now, client loss (or attrition) is normal for one reason or another.

As a voice talent, you’ve gotta get the word out that you’re open for business.


Are Voice-Over Demo CDs a Waste?

by Jason McCoy

Recently I received a question related to voice over marketing (which always seems to be a popular topic).

Here’s the email:

mailing voice over demo cds email question


Using an ISOVOX 2 for Voice-Over?

by Jason McCoy

One of the first questions that come to mind when you’re just getting started in voice over is:

Which microphone should you use?

It’s a good question, but I think the question you should first ask yourself is:

How am I going to control the room acoustics of my recording space?

In the video below, I take a look at one solution – an ISOVOX 2.


How to Get Over Your Cold Faster

(For Voice Actors)

by Jason McCoy

There are a lot of upsides to working in voiceover:

– It’s fun!

– You are your own boss.

– The pay is great!

– You get to work from home everyday!

But there is one downside to having a voice over career compared to other industries.

That is…

If you get sick and congested sounding as a voice over artist, it can put your entire voice over business on-hold.


VoiceZam Review: Why and How to Set it Up

by Jason McCoy

Last week I wrote a post about a few little changes I made last year that led to some big results.

Did you make any changes this week?

I love making changes because the point is always to make something better.

So, I made another change this week…

I swapped out my old audio player on my voice over website for the VoiceZam player.


4 Changes Last Year that Made a Big Impact

by Jason McCoy

Name something in your life or business you want to change.



It could be anything.

Maybe it’s to get more voice over jobs.

Maybe it’s to work fewer hours.

Or maybe you just want to improve something you’re doing.

Change is good.


How to Audition for Voice-Over Jobs on Voice123

by Jason McCoy

Recurring clients are the backbone of a successful voice over business.

Here’s what the process looks like:
– Client takes a chance and hires you for a project
– You go above and beyond to impress the client and they love your work
– Client comes back and wants you to do another job for them

Repeat that 50X or 100X and you’re on your way to a more secure VO business.

But how do you get the client to hire you the first time?


What Did You Learn This Week?

by Jason McCoy

I’m a big believer in always trying to learn new things in order to consistently improve.

Whether it’s something personal or something in my voice over business, I strongly believe in bettering my life through improving myself.

By making small improvements often, we can:

- Become more efficient

- Become better voice actors

- Provide better service to a client

- or just have our business run smoother.


Easily Record Voice-Over When You Travel

(Even on Vacation)

by Jason McCoy

Last month I took a week-long vacation to the mountains.

It was GREAT family time.

We did some hiking…sat around a campfire…and even made s’mores.

The entire trip was really relaxing (except for the day when I received this text):

voice over equipment delivered text message


How to Make a Voice-Over Demo

(Without Killing Your Career)

by Jason McCoy

Have you ever wondered how to make a voice over demo?

Well, the easiest way is to hire a demo producer.

Or you could make a voice over demo yourself.

WHAT, produce my own demo?? I know what you’re thinking:

It’s been said many times, “A voice actor should NEVER produce their own voice over demo”.


Because we may not get the results we’re hoping for.


How to Avoid Website Regret

12 Years from Now

by Jason McCoy

Have you ever looked at old pictures of friends and family?

Seeing a friend’s high school yearbook photo or the bad haircut your sibling had or the outdated clothes your parents wore can be hilarious.

Those photos are great for a good laugh!

That is until you realize the goofy kid you’re cracking up about is you! Then embarrassment sets in.

I recently had a similar experience when I saw an early version (2004) of my voice over website.


Voice-Over Marketing Guide

by Jason McCoy

Voice over marketing seems to be a missing element for many extremely talented voice actors.

In this guide I’m going to show you:

1. Why marketing is so important…

2. Give you 3 powerful tips to get your voice over marketing on track and…

3. Explain 4 ways you can diversify your marketing plan.

Let’s get right to it…


Voice Acting Auditions on Voices.com:

Step-by-Step Guide

by Jason McCoy

Like it or not, auditioning is a HUGE part of working in voice over! Voice acting auditions are usually done by recording a short sample of a script which is then submitted to a potential client for review.

The client can then hear exactly what you’ll sound like on their script and decide whether or not to hire you based on your audition.

Think of it like this:

You know when you go to an ice cream shop and you want to sample a few flavors before you commit? Well in this case, your voice is one of the flavors. If a client likes how you sound on the audition sample, they’ll hire you to do the voice over job.


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