Not Booking Auditions?

Don't get discouraged - figure out why through weekly assignments & feedback...

Agents and producers won't tell you why you didn't get the job. Submitting auditions every day without booking jobs is frustrating and leaves you wondering if you should just give up.

The Voice-Over Improvement Plan is a 5-week program to help you learn your voice-over strengths, uncover your weaknesses & see rapid improvement in your performance.

Improve Faster & Record Better Auditions!

Here’s What's Included...

The program starts with a voice-over evaluation of your sound quality, demos and performance. This way we'll  figure out what needs to be fixed right away.

Then you'll receive two scripts per week for 5 weeks. Just record and send me your voice-overs following the directions and you'll get honest, helpful feedback to keep in mind for the next script.

Personalized Feedback & Help

Is your audio quality good enough? Is your performance lacking? Are your levels set correctly?

Not only will I listen and analyze your voice-over but more importantly, I'll give tips (specific to your reads) to make it better.

5-Weeks of Rapid Improvement

Get 2 scripts per week for 10 total scripts. Practice & record as if for a client. Send me your reads for review and I'll provide weekly feedback via email.

It's a stress-free practice & feedback cycle, where you'll learn what to work on, so you improve at record speed.

Discover Your VO Niche

With so many voice-over niches to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you.

I'll offer my suggestions based on your voice, skills and goals.

"Pay-to-Play Profits" BONUS

Pay-to-Play websites (like voices, voice123) offer exciting VO jobs with clients ready to hire. But they're also highly competitive. Go with the UPGRADE plan and get my "Pay-to-Play Profits" bonus which goes into detail on how to stand out on these sites.

60-Minute 1-on-1 Check-in Call

Email's great for most stuff, but sometimes you just want to talk with a live person. 

Go with the UPGRADE plan and we'll schedule a 1 hour LIVE 1-on-1 call where we'll discuss you and your voice-over career. Use this time for more practice & feedback, or to get answers to any voice-over questions you have (like website, marketing, tech or anything else.).

Here's what Students are Saying...


"As a fresh beginner I was still working on getting my sound corrected as well as beginning to learn how to read scripts.

Through the five weeks of evaluations and discussions with Jason, he helped me to get a great sound in my home-built sound booth, edit my own script recordings and begin to develop a style of voiceover.

The five weeks of practice reading, recording and editing, along with lots of feedback, was exactly what I needed and now have plenty of areas to continue working on.

Thanks, Jason!”

- Geoff McIntyre // beginner voiceover artist



"I'm just getting started in my voice over career, so I knew that in order to have confidence to be prepared for the audition process, it would be important to get unbiased feedback from a successful pro working in voiceover for awhile, who is skilled at giving honest, constructive criticism.

The performance aspect was going to be the hardest part for me, as I've never done any acting, and I knew enough to know that the different genres would have their own unique nuances, so I felt I needed to be hand-held through this learning process. Finding your VO Improvement Plan was such a blessing to me and was no coincidence, as I had been praying to find this type of help, when I came across your site.

The weekly feedback and evaluation was very helpful, specific, and well-articulated. It let me know exactly where I needed to improve -- including the specifics of my editing, performance, and file-saving -- and what I had done well, according to my instructions. This helped me to make adjustments each week, and I felt like I improved a great deal in the 5 weeks, and gained confidence. You had just the right mix of criticism and encouragement, and I felt like you really invested in helping me, through this program. Thanks so much, Jason.

I will definitely recommend this program to anyone I come across that needs this type of help."

- BARBY M. // Voice Actor

"Encouraging as well as Challenging"

"My main issue before enrolling in the VO Improvement Plan was deciding on a niche so I could build a demo that would appeal to that market.

The weekly evaluation and feedback helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as an aspiring narrator. Recording scripts in a variety of genres allowed me to push my comfort zone.

Jason’s feedback each week was encouraging as well as challenging. I highly recommend this course whether you are a novice or a veteran in the voice acting community."

- LORENA B. // Voice Artist

"Extremely Helpful"

"Recently, I lost a potential client due to "sub-par/non professional" audio quality. I have had other clients with no issue, but this was a high paying client.

Needless to say, I needed to figure out how this wouldn't happen again. So I needed an evaluation to test my audio quality. Jason was more than happy to help. His evaluation and knowledge was great and extremely helpful.

When I upgrade my home studio I will be asking him for another evaluation, without hesitation."

- EDDIE L. // Voice-Over Artist

"Well Worth the Investment"

"My main issue was knowing where to begin. Being new to the industry, I needed help and knowledge regarding audio settings, editing, and knowing what "good" audio should sound like. Also, I wasn't sure of how my readings sounded and what niche I should focus in on.

Jason helped me tremendously throughout the five weeks!

Every week he let me know exactly what to adjust in my editing software and how to better improve my readings. Overall, I was very happy with my evaluations and learned so many things that I would have never known about otherwise.

This course was well worth the investment!"

AMY N. //  Voice-Over Artist

"Jason Really Cared"

"I have been auditioning for VO work since I won a premium membership VOICES 123 and have not landed one! I also audition a lot for ACX and have completed five books there. Lately though I have been getting a lot of emails from authors telling me how great I am . . .but then they hire someone else (very frustrating)

Jason helped me to focus on some details that I may have not even heard. I really enjoyed the exercises and felt that Jason really cared, and gave me different types of challenges to work on. I am very pleased with the way Jason set up this improvement plan. Jason's feedback was delivered in a very sensitive yet comprehensive way. Very nicely done.

I will recommend Jason to anyone needing to improve their Voice Over performance."

LINDA K. // Voice Actress

Choose the Plan that's Right For You


Get an honest evaluation of your audio, demos, and performance.

Find out if anything needs to be tweaked.



  • Audio Quality Evaluation
  • Demo Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • 5-Week Performance Improvement Program
  • Weekly Feedback via Email
  • "Pay-to-Play Profits" Bonus Guide
  • 60-minute One-on-One Check-in Call

Get an honest evaluation of your audio, demos, and performance. Plus 5-weeks of scripts and feedback via email to actively improve your performance.



  • Audio Quality Evaluation
  • Demo Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • 5-Week Performance Improvement Program
  • Weekly Feedback via Email
  • "Pay-to-Play Profits" Bonus Guide
  • 60-minute One-on-One Check-in Call

One time and package consultation calls are available on a limited basis.

Get answers, coaching, and advice to keep you accountable so you crush your goals.

100% Risk-Free Improvement Guarantee

100% Money back guarantee

Try the Voice-Over Improvement Plan today, 100% risk-free.

I'm positive you'll see improvement.

However, if you feel that you didn’t get value from the feedback, email me ( any time within the first 30 days, and I’ll happily refund your full payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Improvement Plan work exactly?

Every Monday you'll receive script assignments. Take your time to record and send your voice-over to me by Wednesday. I'll review and get back to you with feedback via email on Friday. We'll repeat this for 5 weeks straight.

What if I don't have a demo yet?

If you have a demo I'm happy to review it but a demo isn't necessary to join the VO Improvement Plan.  In fact, you'll most likely want to redo your demo after you finish the 5-weeks based on the weekly feedback you receive.

What if I get sick or busy and I'm unable to send you my reads?

No problem! If something comes up and you'd like to take a week or two off, we can pause the plan until you're ready to start it back up.

What's the difference between the two plan options?

With the basic plan, the weekly feedback is provided via email. The upgraded plan includes weekly feedback via email, the "Pay-to-Play Profits" bonus and one 60-minute 1-on-1 check-in call to answer any questions you may have.