VO Demo Player For Your Website

by Jason McCoy

Updated March 2024

Giving your website visitors the ability to quickly play through your demos is extremely important.

In fact, the number one reason a visitor is on your website is most likely to listen to your demos.

I've updated my voice-over website several times over the years. And one constant struggle has been finding a decent looking demo player for my voice-over demos.

VO Demo Players

I've tested many of the website audio players out there but I've been disappointed with them all.

They tend to be:

  • Built for music and not voice-over demos
  • Functional but not pretty or customizable
  • Expensive. Some charging on-going monthly fees. 
  • Lacking a download button.
  • Self promoting - inserting a link to the demo player webpage.
  • Look terrible and unresponsive on mobile.

A Demo Player Made For Voice-Over Demos

That's why I decided to build a new demo player (or more accurately, I hired a WordPress developer to make it).

I wanted a demo player that was made for voice-over demos.

For me, that means it's:

  • Easy to install, setup and use when building a website.
  • Customizable font types,  font sizes, & colors.
  • Includes a demo title so clients can easily reference the read style they want.
  • A description of the demo so listeners find the style they want faster (and better SEO)
  • A download link. So the sample can be shared with decision makers.
  • Fast loading & Mobile friendly so it works on any device.

Meet the VO Demo Player Plugin

When clients ask me to find and mix music with my voice-over, one site I use is PremiumBeat. They have a nice demo player. That was the inspiration for the VO Demo Player Plugin.

After handing off the details to the developer, the VO Demo Player Plugin was created.

Go ahead, test it out and see how it works.

Meet the VO Demo Player

Fast & Mobile Friendly

The Title Goes Here

Describe the style of this sample

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Change fonts, sizes and colors

Ready to Download?

Click the link on this page

You aren't locked into only using specific colors or fonts. In fact, you can use any color and any Google font.

You can customize the player to match your branding, whatever it looks like.

Meet the VO Demo Player

Fast & Mobile Friendly

The Title Goes Here

Describe the style of this sample

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Change fonts, sizes and colors

Ready to Download?

Click the link on this page

Or like this:

Meet the VO Demo Player

Fast & Mobile Friendly

The Title Goes Here

Describe the style of this sample

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Change fonts, sizes and colors

Ready to Download?

Click the link on this page

The VO Demo Player Plugin is customizable, fast-loading and made for voice-over demos.

Click here to download the VO Demo Player Plugin.

or get the VO demo player plugin for free with the VO Website Template.

Installing the VO Demo Player Plugin

WordPress is the most popular (and probably the best) platform for building websites.

That's why the VO Demo Player Plugin is a WordPress plugin. So your website must be built with WordPress to be compatible.

If you're not sure how your website is built, check with your website designer, use BuiltWith or send me a message and I can check.

audio player for wordpress

I use Thrive Suite for designing and building websites but the VO Demo Player Plugin will work with other page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor or any theme in WordPress.

Adding the player on your website is simple.

All you need to do is generate a player short code and paste that code where you want the player.

You can get detailed instructions on installing the VO Demo Player Plugin here.

Then follow these instructions for help with customizing the appearance of player.

Need a VO website?
Get the pre-designed VO Website Template.

Download the VO Demo Player Plugin

To download the VO Demo Player Plugin for your website, get it here for a small one-time fee.

As a founding friend of VO Demo Player Plugin, you'll get:

  • VIP Support - Get help installing and customizing the plugin.
  • Unlimited Installs - Use it on all of your websites.
  • All Future Updates - at no additional cost.

Once you use it, I'd love to get your feedback and suggestions to help shape the future of the VO Demo Player Plugin.

This is what I was looking for in a demo player, but what do you want from a demo player?

What would make it better?

Download the VODP plugin here and get the benefits of being a founding friend.

I hope this helps give your demos the attention they deserve on your website.

And if you have a question about the VO Demo Player Plugin, leave a comment and I'll be sure to reply.

Voiceover Success Guide

Free Download: 
5-Steps to 
Voice-Over Success


  • My web designer is using Divi. We just want to confirm that your cool plugin plays nicely with Divi. 😉

    • Hi Jody, I can’t say for sure it’s been used or tested on Divi. But I expect it would work fine with any page builder / theme. In the event there was an issue, my dev team can troubleshoot or worst case issue a refund.

      • Good to hear, Jason. 1 more question –

        Is there a way to toggle within a single player “screen” so someone could go from commercial demos (the default) to eLearning demos to Narration demo, etc.? I don’t want to have multiple pages on my site right now. Would like to have everything accessible from a single player, but organized by category. Love the slickness of your player, that’s for sure.

        • Hi Jody, Sorry, we don’t currently have category switching within the same player as an option. We’ll consider this for the future.

  • Hi where do I get support for the VO Demo Player plugin? I bought it and it’s not auto playing the next section of my demos, it just stops. Thanks

  • Is this the same Demo player you are using on your VO site? I have been looking for a slick player and like the one on your VO site but it looks different than what is displayed here, is that configuration? or is that player specific to Thrive?
    Thanks for all the help, I have been listening to your Podcast and devouring your information.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the comment! My site is being redone – once that goes live you’ll see the VO Demo Play Plugin on there. The player I’ve used on my website for years is the WavePlayer: https://codecanyon.net/item/waveplayer-a-wordpress-audio-player/14349799 It looks good, works great, but it’s a little hard to customize with Thrive. Might be easier with Elementor. But I will say the support from the developer is very helpful!

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