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Even though voice acting can be heard in every day life...

...many people don't know what voice-over really is.

Voice-over isn't just funny voices, characters or accents...

...it's explainer videos, audiobooks, phone prompts, radio imaging, commercials and anything else that needs a voice.

Voice acting comes with benefits like...

  • Starting a business on the cheap: (low startup / overhead costs)
  • Working from anywhere: from home or while traveling
  • Working with big brand-name clients: all around the world
  • Using your creative side everyday: bringing words on a page to life
  • Earning a great income: (without a college degree)

hI, i'm jason mccoy...

I've been in voice-over for over 20 years...

...and today I'm blessed to work on voice-over projects for amazing clients like:

voiceover for amazon
voiceover acting for emirates
petsmart voiceover
voice acting for walmart

But in the beginning, I wasn’t exactly sure how to get started in voice-over.

So I reached out to successful voice actors at the time to see what they did to get started.

A few were really helpful, and hearing their stories motivated me and showed me that a career in voice over was possible.

That is why I started this site.

I want to share what has worked for me, so I put together a FREE 5-step guide.

In this guide, I'll teach you how to get started in voice acting, including:

  • The exact steps to build a voice acting career (the same plan I followed)
  • How to tell if you've got a great voice for voice-overs (3 skills you need to succeed)
  • List of equipment & software you need to get started in voice-over (no matter what kind of budget you're working with)
  • The one MAJOR thing I wish I did differently when I started (don't make this mistake)
  • Voice acting sample scripts to record your first voice-over
  • Exactly how to get your first voice-over job (that actually pays)
  • ...And much more!

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