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How to Get into Voice Acting

by Jason McCoy

​It’s funny, even though the work of voice actors can be heard in life every day...

...many people don’t know what voice over is and have never considered learning how to get into voice acting.

That’s CRAZY!

Especially since as a voice actor you get to:

  • Start a business on the cheap: low initial cost and really low overhead costs
  • Work from anywhere: at home (makes for a really easy commute) or even when traveling
  • Work with big name clients: all around the world
  • Use your creative side everyday: recording all kinds of interesting projects
  • Earn a really great income: (without a college degree)

My name is Jason McCoy, I’m a voice actor.

I first became interested in voice over when I was around 15 years old. I started by reading out loud the commercials and station announcements I heard on the radio.

I practiced by turning anything I could find into a commercial…like the words on shampoo bottles, cereal boxes and even user manuals.

I quickly learned to record my voice and I sent audio samples to a few online radio stations. I ended up being hired by a couple of stations to be their station imaging voice.

I couldn’t believe it!

Radio stations were paying me to voice scripts for them. I was just a kid with a cheap computer mic working out of my bedroom.

If you’ve never heard my voice before you may be thinking, ‘He must have an amazing voice’.

The truth is: My voice is not that unique. It’s an average, normal, guy next door type of voice.

Luckily, there’s a lot of work for voice actors who don’t have the deep, booming, announcer voice. In fact, that style of voice over is only a small chunk of the voice over work available today:

Over the years I’ve been blessed to voice projects for big brands like Walmart, Ford, AMEX, Dell and many others.

When I was just starting out, I wasn’t exactly sure how to make voice over my career.

I reached out to those who were already doing voice over to see what they did to get started.

A few were really helpful, and hearing their stories motivated me and showed me that a career in voice over was possible.

That is why I started this site.

I want to share what has worked for me, so I put together a free 5 step video series that lays out exactly how to become a voice actor.

Here’s what you'll learn:

  • The exact steps to build a voice acting career (same plan I followed)
  • How to tell if you’ve got a great voice for voice overs (and the 3 skills you need to succeed)
  • A list of equipment and software you need to get started as a voice actor (no matter what kind of budget you’re working with).
  • The one MAJOR thing I wish I did differently in the beginning (don’t make this mistake).
  • Sample scripts to record your first voice over
  • Exactly how to get your first voice over job (that actually pays)
  • …And much more.

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