How to Get Into Voice Acting – Step 4

by Jason McCoy

Updated August 2022

Creating Your Voice-Over Demo

Have a question about creating your voice-over demo?
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  • A great idea for voice coach. I will use my freelance sound engineer to monitor and share his feedback on the demos I create.

  • Morley Schimpf says:

    I will say this, I sound better then I thought I would.

  • When I create my own demo can I use pre-existing free scripts that mention actual businesses, people, or organizations?

  • Kathleen Podegracz says:

    so is the goal to set up your own website, or is it about uploading your demo to a VO website? And regarding the latter, how many demos can you upload? like a commercial one, an audio book one, etc etc

    • Have your own website at least. If you decide to become a member of an online casting site, you can upload your demos there as well. Usually as many as you’d like.

  • Do you have any suggestions on how to find a reputable voice coach? I have found a few but I’m not sure how to choose. Also, do you think it is more valuable to pick one that I can work with in person or is it just as effective to get coached over Skype?

    • I think Skype works just as well as in-person and you won’t be limited to a local coach. For picking the coach, I’d look for them to be a working voice actor themselves & specialize in the niche you’re going after.

  • Hi Jason,
    thank you for these resources. I was wondering if you know of anyplace existing online were a person can get their audio examined to ensure it is ready for professional work? I have a silent space where i record, but the hiss on my mike makes me concerned i might not be producing quality recordings. Any recommendation is appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  • Sarah Davila says:

    I am not very good at coming up with my own scripts. Is there a way to find royaly free pre made scripts for demo purposes? For audio books, I can read from specific books correct? I don’t need to make up my own story or anything?

  • Just to be clear, is it okay to put several different facets onto one demo? In other words, can I do an audio book clip and a commercial spot on the same demo, or should each demo have its own theme; for example: commercial demo has 6 different commercial spots & audio book demo has only audio book content?

    • Jason McCoy says:

      Hi Jade, it’s best to have a demo for each niche. If you think of it from your clients’ point-of-view, if they hire voice actors for commercials, they want to hear what you can do on commercials. A commercial client isn’t usually interested in what you can do on audiobooks. So a demo really makes it specific to the client’s niche.

  • Michael Ingram says:

    Hi Jason, I did not receive video number 3, can that be sent to me please?

  • Tanya Covington says:

    Hi Jason! Thanks for this series and this video in particular! Creating a demo has been the most intimidating aspect of getting started in VO to me. Though I’m still a bit unsure and even nervous about creating one, I think I’ve gained a renewed drive to face the task! Now if I could just conquer recording and producing this thing, I’ll be unstoppable! Thanks again!

  • Thxs for responding to my comment Jason. I’m on Amazon checking out equipment to purchase-can’t wait to get started!

    • Jason McCoy says:

      Great! Let me know what you end up using.

  • Jason, I just finished listening to some of your demos on your site! Luv, luv, luv the way that its all put together! You are awesome, and when I grow up I want to be just like you!

  • Jason, can you post some of your work? I would love to hear some different examples.

      • Kim Tolley says:

        I like the way you have your website set up! Now I have a good idea of how to put mine together! If I only post one genre as my demo, will I be limited to that genre or will it make me appealing to clients for other genres?

        • Jason McCoy says:

          I suggest starting with one genre and focusing on finding success in that one area. You can audition for other types of work but your focus should really be on the one area. Don’t look at it like your limiting yourself – it’s more about narrowing down so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Once you build a client base that loves your work, clients will come to you for ALL their VO needs. Then as your business grows you can branch out.

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