by Jason McCoy

Updated May 2020

Is Voice-Over Right for You?

Why do you want to be a voice actor? Let me know in the comments below

How to Become a Voice Actor

How to Become a
Voice-Over Actor


  • I have done professional stage acting before I started a full time career in health care. I now want to venture into voice acting both to develop the skills and as a possible source of income in future.

  • Paul Pedersen says:

    Hi Jason. You might want to correct the typo on the 3rd fly-in at the 32 second mark.

  • Eric Parent says:

    Jason, as with all of the material I receive, watch, or listen to from you it is a pleasure and much appreciated. As far as I can see you don’t do any coaching, is this assumption correct? Beyond that what tips can you give for finding a VO coach that is the right “fit”?

  • Jackie Boileau says:

    I’ve always wanted to be an actress. But with my family obligations I could never leave home or travel to audition for jobs.
    Voice acting seems to be a way to pursue my dream while still keeping my family as my first priority.

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, you’d be able to work from home & act. Sounds like a perfect match for you.

  • The flexibility to work wherever is really attractive, much easier on the body than beating it up in labor jobs,be an artist and get paid for it, promotes ongoing learning, add value to others, and largely VO seems to always be in demmand

  • Looking at a career change and voice over acting appeals to my creative side.

  • I am looking for a career change. I have always read to my kids and I enjoy reading books. I have a business focused mind and would love to succeed at the art of voice overs.

  • Jason,
    Great 1st Question….. Our journey starts with honesty, a vision , a purpose and
    a plan of action. Those at gave you a Sparkling Review!

    In the 80’s/90’s I owned a retail Seafood Market. Planning a marketing strategy – thought radio and newspaper would be perfect. After 6 months of Radio Reps providing commercials , I felt that Heart and Soul (and laughter) needed to be
    shared with the audience. From that point forward , I scripted and recorded my weekly ads (A Fresh message for a Fresh Product). Through the next 11 years we earned Top Honors as the Seafood Market of Choice in our area.

    Moving on , accepted a Regional Sales Managers’ position, of the many facets –
    providing Seminars for Sales Staff.

    I appreciate and understand the Value of Voice for a Client AND Their Customer.

    Jason, I so look forward to your Coaching and Guidance.

  • Michele Rau says:

    Nice video. I have always been told what a good speaking voice I have and have spent my adult career working using my voice to help instruct, educate, and provide general information to individuals over the phone. Looking to expand my voice skills and career options in this phase of my life to have more control and flexibility.

  • Bobby White says:

    Very good detailed video. I am retired and bored plus can use a cash infusion to prop up my Social Security. I am a self starter and continual learner. I believe my deep voice would be a good fit for eLearning and audio book narrations. I like the freelance entrepreneurial life style as well.

  • I wish to explore and yes capitalize on my talent; bit first I need to be taught and trained so as to become established and knowledgable. Once developed, I’ll be able to assist others who wish to do the same.


    I am headed to my silver years. I am looking for a work from home lucrative business that is a far reaching business, low start up cost, and I can perform far into my golden years. Retirement looks brighter with Voice Over in my portfolio!

  • Antonio Jarrett says:

    Hello Jason

    Your tips were very helpful and will be applied. I have always been around music and media or broadcast. Plenty of people have complimented me on my voice and I have the prior experiences and desire to grow.

  • Hi Jason
    Thanks for the input.
    I was always the one at the school I taught at that was called upon to do commercials, sports day announcing and commentary for some of the main school sport events. So now recently when I discovered VO it drew me in enough to decide to give it a try and see where it takes me.

  • Janet Hale says:

    I want to become a voice over actor because I love to work from home.

  • I’m 57 and for the last 24 years I have worked in the insurance sales and marketing. Prior to that I started a commercial production business where i wrote and produced radio commercials an jingles. I have a broadcasting background but decided to get into insurance so that I could make some “real money.” I want to start doing what I love again.

  • I’m a singer, but I have played around with some other voices for fun . Always heard of voice over and thought it’d be an awesome job.
    So now is my time to try it out. I appreciate you taking the time to offer your great advice to help others out in this field. Thank you

  • Have been interested in it since I was a teenager. Never really new how to get into it! Appreciate your time and willingness to offer your advice. Just joined

  • I have always been told I have a soothing voice that calms people. Asked why I do not use my voice as a career. I have always thought of doing voice over work and think now would be a good time to start.

  • I have done some acting and various voices. I began to pursue this years ago but became sidetracked. This seems like the right time.

  • Deitra Jackson says:

    I’ve been told I have a nice voice. I was also teased a bit in grade school because I “talked proper.”🤣 I thank my parents for both.

  • Mike Stone says:

    I’ll be retiring soon and always wanted to try it out. I should have plenty of of time to devote to it in about a year or two.

  • Thank you Jason for your advices. I am very keen and raring to go!

  • Thanks Jason for these videos and your help in getting started. I’ve always been told “You have a voice for radio”. I’ve been using my voice as a salesperson most of my life, now it’s the time to take the next step!

  • Alex aguilar says:

    It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I really enjoy making funny voices or just messing around with people in different voices:

  • I want to be voice actor because I like to tal more and I like to be famous by my voice.

  • Awolowo Tobi says:

    I started off months ago in my church. I was voicing the audio announcements. Since then I’d gotten quite a number of voice acting jobs. I’m naturally creative with words and sounds, so the encouragement from people that hear my voice overs wants me to do this.

  • Being a voice actor will allow me to put my talents to work and earn an income while doing it.

  • I’ve always dabbled in physical acting, but never pursued it as a career. I’ve grown up comfortable being a presenter and I’ve been told I have a voice for radio. I’m currently in phone sales and have heard my call recordings and agree that I can be successful with it, with the right training.

  • I’m an actor. I had the fun and privilege of booking my first movie this past summer of 2019. And I’m a firm believer that your voice is your identity and your greatest tool for expressing your spirit and imagination. And I’m eager to take the next steps in the journey.

  • A whole hearted yes to all 5 questions!
    Why? I have been working with kids for 20 years and have always been asked to either act or do the voice overs we have produced.
    I won’t tell you what effect my voice has on grown men!

  • i have always loved anime and i have been able to do voices like scooby doo and stitch, i can make my voice go deep and love reading

  • Jay-Aytch says:

    At this point in my life, I would like an opportunity to unleash my creative side, repressed due to, as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”. I have several criteria for what I desire. It must be fun! It must be freelance, so I can remain the master of my own time. It must be recompensable to make up both the initial investment in the business and my flagged income until I decide to collect social security. It must give me the opportunity to keep on learning different things and, very importantly, it must allow me to express my creative side. For many years I thought Voice Overs would be fun. I now have motive, time, opportunity and limited resources to start this endeavor.

  • It seems to be fun and rewarding at the same time, it can become a great side work to make money.

  • I love it, I can’t wait to watch more videos from you!

  • I have experience and an excellent voice, a great neutral accent in Spanish. I just need to learn how to make money in the USA as a VO in Spanish.

  • As long as I can remember I have been watching Anime and been playing Video Games and I would love to be a part of them and voice characters, my love for it all started with Sean Schemmel as Goku in Dragon Ball Z and has only grown and would love to be able to take this on!

  • On a project for my mother-in-law’s cookbook, I was the voice for the ten-second commercial. I was proud of it. I also did a couple of spots in college for my copywriting course. Loved it. I want to be able to work from home as a side hustle too.

  • Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved commercials and animation. Not the actors in the commercials, but the people ‘talking over’ the commercials; and the announcers at the end of commercials. Of particular interest to me are sci-fi computer voices and animation (I’m right here, Disney *smile*). Adding fuel to these fires, throughout my life I’ve been asked to speak or read aloud or make the announcements at work or church, or wherever. And the rest, as they say, is history. My ear is constantly drawn to interesting voices. I had no idea that there was money to be made in being a VO talent. I’ve done a few spots here and there over the years, but have never really ‘broken in’ to getting consistent work as a VO talent. I want to be a working voice actor/talent. I’m ready to break in.

  • I’ve enjoyed my time working as a professional princess and finding out how to change my voice to fit theirs! I’m the resident accent queen of the company, so I play characters like Merida, Rosetta and Snow White. They’re lots of fun. I’ve had many people tell me I should try VA work, but didn’t feel like I had the knowledge. I am so excited to try this!!

    • OMG, I would like to play characters like you do Lauren, of course in Spanish. Actually, I am a radio host. I have experience recording poems, spots, documentaries, interviews, radio and TV commercials. Where should I go to begin?
      Best wishes to you Lauren.

  • Kate Podegracz says:

    I’ve always been funny and doing characters. I would do voice over at the department store I worked for. I took a class in Vegas at a brick n mortar place, and the owner is the Target voice at the self checkout who says, “don’t forget your receipt!” or at least it REALLY sounds like her. I learned a lot from her, but then I moved back to CA…I’m interested in everything, broadcasting, commercials, etc I am worried about the technology part of it.

  • I’d like to own my own business. With the changes in our world right now I would like the flexibility to work from home. And I’d like to use my creative side.

  • Lynne Williams says:

    I’m interested in voice acting because I’ve been told I have a distinctive voice, I’m drawn to the arts and I need a side hustle I can do from home. I’m nervous, excite and s little overwhelmed. 🙂

  • I honestly got inspired in becoming a voice actor thanks to flash animation that were posted ion early YouTube. Channels like OneyNG, psychicpebbles, RicePirate etc. were a big part of my childhood. I’ve always looked up to those creator for their hard work and quality videos that they put out, having a constant determination that would lead them to where tehy are right now. RicePirate aka Mick Lauer working on the dubbed version of the anime JoJo’s bizarre adventure, psychicpebbles aka Zach Hadel getting a recent pilot on adult swim called Smiling Friends and OneyNG aka Chris O’Neil working on his own video game called Bowlbo. I have procrastinated my entire life on this, but I feel like I recently had an epiphany that made me realize that I can study and work on voice acting from scratch if I just dedicate to this every day from now on.

  • I’ve loved every aspect of film/acting since I was a kid. Growing up being a huge fan of video games and animated movies, I didn’t even really realize I was watching Voice actors! I can remember around the age 5-6, memorizing every word to the 1999 Sonic The Hedgehog movie and just either voice acting along with the lines or talking back to the characters and getting lost in this different world because at that age, these characters were real to me. Same thing with video games, some of these characters voices are absolute staples in my childhood. Master Chief from Halo, Sonic, Fox from Starfox, Mario. Anime series like Naruto, full metal alchemist and Attack on Titan.

    Man I could go on forever. Im rambling. But to me, voice acting is an escape into a different world, that you also get to create for the listeners. Magic I wanna be apart of.

  • Hi Jason and everyone kind enough to leave a comment.
    Many have said I have a good voice and that I should do voice over work.
    So ths is where I start my journey…….
    Jason, Thanks for putting so much effort into teaching us how to do so.

  • I work at a radio station but I most tines don’t do jingles for shows and other show promos but when I do, I just love it and I have told several times that I do have the voice for it. I like thy I can be creative with it, convenience of work characteristics and I want to be more professional about it.

  • I love reading books and watching anime.Also throughout the day are usually make weird voices or sound effects and it just occurs naturally for me. Plus voice acting sounds like it will be something really interesting

  • I never had a full reason for a while, but one reason is I love expressing myself with voices, In my everyday life I make all kinds of voices, plus I love putting emotions into the voices.

  • no my voice is not really good but i can talk in low pitch and high pitch i can modulate my voice and i love to change it so want to become voice actor

  • Jason Ramirez says:

    Thanks J! I really enjoy reading and interpreting scripts. I currently work as a freelance court interpreter, so I’ve gotten used to setting my own schedule and being my own boss. As much as I love interpreting, voiceover has an equal, if not greater appeal to me.

  • I have a good voice for voice acting and I’d like to get into voiceovers no matter if it’s commercials, tv, movies or whatever. It sounds like something interesting that I could make a career out of

  • I know that I have an awesome voice for VOICEOVERS and Radio Presenting. I get to do what I love while earning profit from it.

  • I love to do voice over in English more than anything even though I am not a native English speaker 🙂

  • I’ll be retiring from teaching in the next year or so. One of my favorite parts of teaching, when I taught the younger kids, was reading to my students and using different voices to help the characters come to life. It would be fantastic if I could continue to do something along these lines. I also enjoy singing and have quite a bit of vocal training, so I am hoping to put that to use as well.

  • Charlotte says:

    I have several answers to why I want to become a voice actor. 1. I love giving characters “life” when I tell/read stories or just talk to people in general. 2. I’m a singer and I have an amazing vocal coach who is teaching me so much. 3. I really love entertaining people making them smile/laugh. 4. If I can make a decent living doing this, I will be my daughters hero forever.

  • I love being an actress it’s my dream specially when talking on the phone,reading some script I want also to learn more in this business

  • Ellen Smith says:

    I have been an actor for years (so I know rejection and success.) 😉 I have been told by many people I have a voice for voice overs. I have done a few podcasts of children books and the sound engineer confirmed I had talent.

  • Sykil Demarco says:

    Greetings, I’m a college student majoring in Business with a concentration in marketing and I am hellishly interested in linguistics. I’m minoring in Arabic and have taken classes in voice and diction. My voice is very flexible and I love to talk. In the past I found it fun to make voices but dismissed it. Now I deeply desire to further a career in linguistics and want voice acting to be apart of it. I have no experience and do not know where to start. I’m hoping that with your help I can find grounds to stand on and make this one of my businesses.

  • Mary Watts says:

    Hello Jason,
    I want to start a career as a voice actor because I am an actor. I had a successful career as an actress on Broadway, film and television. I stopped for 15 years…and now I would like to work again. However, I am now a homeschool mom and want to keep that going. I am SO ready to focus on being creative again. I also look forward to learning much more about the technical and business side of things.
    Thanks for these videos!!

    • Hi Mary! Your Broadway background will be extremely valuable as you move into VO.

  • I get compliments at work about my voice and just wonder if I am able to take this further and become a voice actor.

  • Nick James says:

    I’ve always been very animated and have previous theatre and sound engineering experience. I do character voices and accents daily as part of my natural persona and my wife has pushed me to finally start a career in voice acting. I’ll be building my computer soon and will have my recording equipment set up to work from home. I look forward to viewing the next 4 videos in your series. Thank you!

  • Connor Callaghan says:

    I want to be a voice actor because emoting and doing voices has always been a natural hobby and defense mechanism for me, being able to use it constructively, especially in the setting if cartoons and animated films (which are my absolute favorite form of entertainment), would mean the world to me.

  • Erika Jamerson says:

    Hi Jason,

    I want to be a voice actor because I love being animated and learning how to speak with different accents or character voices. I have all of my equipment and software to record. I’ve been practicing recording and editing but I’m not sure where to start with how to make demos to attract business.

  • Hi Jason. I honestly have no experience in voice acting, but I have been told my voice is nice and expressive. I’m interested in at least getting started and seeing if this is right for me. I think it may be. Thank you.

  • Joni Miller says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’m a trained singing vocalist with family and personal background in radio announcing. I’ve also done a little instructional audio, and I interpret words and communicate very well. My whole family is blessed with wonderful voices and a couple of us have been batting around the possibilities of VO work as a natural interest. I love using my voice on microphones. I have been in entertainment most of my life (in movie studio publicity for many years) and I am now needing a redirection…working from home and starting part time. I have the tech skills and vocal talent to do it. I need more info on the business and marketing of it, which will be more difficult as I am not great at self-promo. I’m already using Audition for editing church sermons, so I’ll be able to do my own projects. I’d love to somehow eventually incorporate singing projects into this business as well, as a voice-over and musical “vocal services” provider, so I’m very interested in getting started on the voice-over side. Thank you.

    • Sounds like a great background Joni. Step 5 will help you when it comes to marketing.

  • rakhi sinha says:

    as sound is the medium to communicate your view and becoming a sound i can do definely exchange of idea thorhg a good channel voice 123so with the career purpose and socialism it is the best to become a sound actor

  • Steve Scott says:

    Hi Jason! Thanks for the good stuff. I’ve worked for a video production company the last 6 years (editing, writing and producing). Occasionally, I would do our VO work and found that clients started to request me. So a few months ago I turned my closet at home into a recording space and I’ve been getting jobs via a voice acting website. I’m realizing that this is my thing and its what I want to do. And there’s good money in it. So I’m excited to watch the rest of your stuff.

  • Laurel Bishop says:

    Could a 12 year old get into voice acting with a very lot budget

    • Yes. Low budget is different for everyone but a few hundreds dollars would allow you to get started.

  • Because for me it‘s fun to voice act

  • Sumit Kumar Sharma says:

    I love to talk, love to explain things in easy way to make someone understand the point easily and he/she can get some benefit of my talk. I wana earn good money to give my family what they deserve. I can speak in English, Hindi and Punjabi. By profession, i was a Medical Transcriptionist for 14 years and working as a Video Editor for a company for around 1 year now. Main reason i like this job is that your voice will pay you and pay you well enough to live a good livish life. Would be pleased to get some help. Can i work as a guest and get work to do ?
    If yes then what i will have to do to get work as a guest user as i dont have money to buy membership.

  • Its a different job and many people say i have a good voice.

  • Thelovelylisa says:

    I got interested in voice acting because I listen to books all the time. I thought that it would be fun to read children’s books or do characters.

  • Chelsea Weeks says:

    It has been something I have always wanted to do.

  • its a interesting & challenging field. & I like challenges

  • I am known to be quite the talker. I am enjoy being creative. People have told me I have a good voice for cartoons as well as corporate. I have an interest and love for the industry and would love to become a part of it.

  • Marie Vitez says:

    I’ve always been told I articulate well when reading out loud and as an elementary school teacher I have always enjoyed doing the character voices as I read. The idea of being able to work from so I can spend more time with my family is a major motivation for wanting to try my hand at this. I am open to any and all knowledge and tips you can give me to be successful. Thanks!:)

  • Cybertoast says:

    I was told by my friends who kept telling me that I was good with accents, and I was inspired by Matt Mercer to do voice acting

  • I’ve always been theatrical in and out of Highschool and throughout my adult life, I just really enjoy acting in any form in a nutshell ?

  • Becoming a voice actor sounds very appealing to me for all of the benefits you list, and I’ve got a lot of things going for me: I used to read the Harry Potter book series out loud to my family almost every day with character voices, and I have many years’ experience of role-playing and improv acting with my sibling, so I’ve developed the ability to deliver character lines really well.
    I’m not intimidated by the need for technical knowledge, either, but there are some requirements for becoming a voice actor that I’m worried will hold me back:
    1. I’m worried about having to build my business and market myself to potential clients. I wouldn’t even know where to start…
    2. I was able to meet deadlines back while I was in college, but I worry about having to relearn this skill because I struggle with time management now.
    3. I love the idea of voice acting fictional characters or audiobooks, but the idea of doing voice-overs for commercials and the like sounds mind-numbingly boring…Is it unrealistic to hope I can pick and choose gigs from the beginning? If the work doesn’t feel rewarding from the get-go, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stick with it.
    Any advice is appreciated!

  • Julia Lynch says:

    I want to do voice over work because I have a health problem that is not like most I can work but not at a job that I would either have to be on my feet the whole time or sitting at a desk the whole time so my main reason is the flexibility of working from home. I can’t sit or stand for a long period of time and I think voice over would be great for me because if I need to stand I could but if I needed to sit I could do that also. But to start I need something that is not going to take a lot of money because what I get just enough money just does pay my bills. So I am hoping to get this started for pretty much free and build it up has I go. Do you have any suggest how I could start this with no money upfront until I get a few jobs and could get some extra to better my business.

    • You’ll need some gear to get started – so there is cost. Check eBay for used gear at a lower cost.

  • It took me some years to use my voice without fear and I fell into the role of entertainer among friends and family. I began to perform as a musician and stand-up comedian as well as dabbling in improv. I have always enjoyed reading aloud, talking, and public speaking, but have lacked the drive to pursue voice acting, however now I’ve pushed away lazy thoughts and fears and now am ready to invest in education, time, and equipment.


    I love to do that primarily .
    It also gives me liberty to work from home in my convenient hours as my situation is not conducive to go out & work

  • Sulagna Chakraborty says:

    It seemed interesting to me.Flexible schedule,work from home,great opportunity for lifetime,job satisfaction as I want to do this job etc

  • I read to my son every night and one night I thought “I like doing this. Could I make a career out of it somehow?” I hope this is my way of reading to the world every night.

  • I want to be a voice actor because I have always been drawn to things theatrical. I enjoyed acting in plays in high school and college, started college as an acting major but switch to accounting for income stability.
    I have been told I have a nice speaking voice. I enjoy reading out loud and singing and have took voice lessons for a brief time; all non professionally.
    Since retiring, I would like to do something for extra income that is enjoyable and creative using that involves acting but allows for a flexible work schedule and lets me be my own boss.

  • I think this seems like a fun, interesting, and exciting new hobby.

  • Well, I must say what I saw on your videos intrigued me into it. The creative part and the fact that you can be different things is what attracts me the most!! I do look forward to chatting to you more and to getting some feedback from you. I sent you an email Jason.

  • Will I need to comment after every video in order to get the next one?

    • No – you don’t need to comment to get the next video. You should receive the next one in a day.

  • I want to be a voice actor for many of the reasons you stated in this video. It started out with MANY people commenting on my voice. But then, I just really like voice over. It’s fun and I love the flexibility that comes with it.

  • As a teacher I have always enjoyed reading stories to children. I would like to try the VO field to narrate stories to children, and wherever my voice fits best.

  • I’ve been told my whole life that I should use my voice for something. It’s been an ongoing commentary. Perhaps this information can be the determining factor whether or not this could work. I’ve done guided meditation and people and students always ask if I do this professionally.

  • I always wanted to become a Voice Actor since I was a little child. I believe it was the way that people would act when they heard a commercial for something that they wanted to really hear about. I work as a Dispatcher at my job, and one day I decided to Spice-Up my delivery while dispatching, and my co-workers enjoyed it and said that I had a nice Personality On The Air, and that I should do something with it

  • I love working in the studio and have recorded songs but am a bit of an introvert and love the idea of performing as a voice actor. I don’t miss the stage.. the mystery of being the voice without a face appeals to me.

  • Christine Belka says:

    I live on Disability because of my Arthritis that I have had all my life, but I use to work, I worked in a Call Center where I talked to Client’s and Customer’s from 6 to 7 hours a day, 35 hours a week. I had a Guy from Such a Voice give me a Voice evaluation and in 5 minutes he told me that my voice was to raspy, I like the idea that I can work from home, I watch a lot of TV & Movie’s, I like to talk, and have been told that I have a very caring & calm voice to listen too. But he told me that with some practice he thinks I could be good with Acting? I didn’t understand that comment.