VoiceZam Review: Why and How to Set it Up

by Jason McCoy

Last week I wrote a post about a few little changes I made last year that led to some big results.

Did you make any changes this week?

I love making changes because the point is always to make something better.

So, I made another change this week…

I swapped out my old audio player on my voice over website for the VoiceZam player.

Here’s what the old one looked like:

old voice over demo player

And here’s the new one:

voicezam voice over demo player

I like the way the new one looks but the decision to switch wasn’t because of appearance.

I made this change based on the advantages the new player would give me.

I realize VoiceZam isn’t new (they’ve actually been around since 2002).

And I’ve tried it in the past.

But they’ve made (and continue to make) huge improvements in something as simple as your demo player.

(FYI, in case you are wondering I’m not paid by or affiliated with VoiceZam in any way, I just believe in it)

The demo player on your website doesn’t usually get much thought, but it serves a huge role in your website conversions.

So maybe it’s time to rethink it.

VoiceZam is especially useful if you’re marketing directly to voice over clients and sending them to your website.

Clients like VoiceZam too:

voice-over clients like voicezam demo player

So if you don’t know what VoiceZam is or you’re wondering why I switched, check out the video below…

In the video, I cover:

– Advantages of using VoiceZam

– An inside look at what you can do on the dashboard

– The promo code to get a nice discount

– And more…

Are you already using VoiceZam? Or are you thinking of trying it?

If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts, make sure to leave a comment below…

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