Following Up With Voice-Over Marketing Prospects

by Jason McCoy

Updated May 2023

If you're a voice-over actor or running any kind of business, you need customers willing to pay you for your service.

The problem is that your growth is limited to the number of people who actually know what you do.

Online casting websites bring opportunities to you, but also come with membership fees, lots of competition and usually just jobs, not direct clients, so it's hard to build the relationship that turns into repeat business.

To have more control in your business, you need to find and directly reach out to those people who need your type of service.

One way is with email.

Send an email, introduce yourself, provide value, and give them a reason to reply. Some will, most won't - so it's your job to follow up until they respond.

You can do this manually but that takes a lot of time, so to make it easier, automate the process using a followup tool - the emails will still be personalized, you'll save hours of your time and more and more people will know what you do.

Two tools I recommend for this are:, super cheap for going slow when you're just getting startedand

and MailStand - which is the most affordable option I've ever seen.

Keep in mind, the tools may change, but the principles remain - Reach out, provide value, follow up, start relationships with the people who could use your services. And repeat.

Question for you:

Are you using email marketing to get voice-over clients? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  • I will start now. I’m a Brazilian voice over and I still learning about the market here

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