How to Get Into Voice Acting – Step 3

by Jason McCoy

Updated August 2022

Voice-Over Education, Training & Improvement

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  • My real need is critiquing and feedback, I understand practicing makes one perfect, but having a coach or someone can speed up the process. That’s my take.

  • Glenn Spatola says:

    Jason, I’ve been doing voiceover auditions for a while. I did radio work in the past and would appreciate hints/suggestions on sounding less “announcery.”

    • Hi Glenn – Yeah announcer reads and radio background go hand-in-hand. I’ll try to do a podcast episode to cover this.

  • Where do you go to listen to other people do voice over?

  • Kathleen Podegracz says:

    Jason, you know how a jingle is sometimes “sung”…would a voiceover demo ever include a jingle or song?

    • You could have a ‘singing’ or ‘jingle’ demo – but I’d keep treat it as it’s own niche.

  • Sykil Demarco says:

    I’ve just got all of my equipment and started recording a little and calling people of FaceTime with my mic. I’ve learned some new things.

    Turn the gain down.
    Sit far from the mic.
    Don’t move while talking.

    And most importantly, something that i haven’t heard anyone tell me on YouTube or anything. DON’T CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. I’ve discovered that the sound of your lips peeling from each other is crazy bad and that I have to keep my mouth open while talking. I saw from watching this video that you know this and have your mouth open the entire time.

  • Hi Jason. This is very useful as far as scripts. Do you know I can find others? I’m interested in practicing with as many different ones I can. I appreciate your input.

  • Thank you for this! I was wondering about getting a coach if that was required. Now I know I can do this myself. I even started to keep all my daughter’s announcements from school just so I can practice. I like to read aloud to myself and yes it gets on my family’s nerves, but hey, as long as I can get my practice in, I’m good to go. The VO coach can wait. 🙂

  • Anna-Rica says:

    Thanks for your info jason, good help, although I already have a VO coach, its always great to hear from other practising artists.

  • Hello Jason, I have narrated 5 audio-books and have had one paying job with a National environmental company for a training video. I have a premium membership to voice123 that I won. I have auditioned a lot but have not yet gotten a job there. I may need some feedback or a coach, but not sure the right way to to do this for me.

  • Can I use these scripts to enhance my collection of demos on my site and profile?

  • Sarah Davila says:

    I am highly interested in being a voice over actor for characters. Can I use scripts from already made shows like from different animes or my little pony?

    • Jason McCoy says:

      For practice – Yes. If you’re trying to get work you’ll want to use original scripts.


    I think I’ll start off with as many youtube VO coaching I can find to start and see how it goes lol

    • Jason McCoy says:

      Like anything, you’ll hear improvements week after week just by practicing often.

  • Thanks for the great info! If you’re making a DIY demo, where can you find scripts that aren’t copyrited?

    • Jason McCoy says:

      Hi Jeana, You can find some online which are good for practicing but not the best material to use on your demo. I would suggest writing them yourself if you’re able to or hiring a writer to knock out some copy for you. Each clip is only a few seconds long so it wouldn’t be a ton of writing.

        • Jason McCoy says:

          Great question! An attorney would have the best answer but I’ll say product names/brands are used in voice over demos all the time. I’m guessing legally if a company had an issue with it they could force you to remove the sample from your demo. The odds of a company hearing the sample, having an issue with it and wanting their brand removed are slim.

      • Rema Boxerfan says:

        Edge Studio is awesome!!! I signed up for their program.!!! its phenomenal!!

        • That’s a good place! They have forums and contests you can be involved in too. Not to mention All Those Scripts! Voice Over Heaven!!!

  • Alan Wuertenberg says:

    This is going to be the area that I hope will lead me to a niche that I can focus on. The sample scripts are very revealing. I will be seeking more practice material? I particularly like the suggestion to try some freebies to gain experience. The comment by another that they had done a demo for a local author is interesting. I have read about the volunteer projects at Librivox and that sounds like a great way to gain experience.

    • Jason McCoy says:

      Yes, focusing on 1 niche to start is really important. This way you won’t spread yourself too thin.

  • Vicky Do Voice says:

    Thank you so much. I’m trying every day to make my voice sound brighter and have clearer pronunciation. I have to practice on my own because I can’t afford to hire a coach.

    • Jason McCoy says:

      That’s great Vicky! Practice (even on your own) can make a huge impact.

  • Thanks, Jason, this was a particularly helpful video. I am definitely at the “My god, I hate my voice!” stage. Your words of encouragement have talked me off the ledge and helped me to put my self doubts into perspective. Thanks again!

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