Podcast Update

by Jason McCoy

Updated August 2022

In this episode of the Voice Acting 101 Podcast, you'll learn:

  • When to expect the podcast to start back up (officially)
  • What's been keeping me busy recently

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  • Jon Knight says:

    Hi Jason,
    My name is Jon Knight and I’m getting started in VO and was wondering if I need to change my name. Right now my name is associated with someone already well known and the same with versions of my name.
    Can I keep my name and still be successful, or do I need to change it so I can set myself apart?
    Thanks for a great podcast.

    • I wouldn’t change my name for that reason. I would still go with it even though it’s well known for someone else. More of a concern for me would be making sure clients aren’t confused (ie. Jon vs. John, Knight vs. Night).

      You could do something like JK Voice-Over.

  • Jason is the podcast available via a podcast app? I have been looking for it so I can listen to it on my way to work. I have not had any luck. Work blocks your site…

    • Hi Ron, Right now it’s only available on voiceacting101 as a private podcast. – there is a download link in case that helps. I’ll think about putting it on a podcast app since I get this request once in a while. Which podcast app do you prefer?

      • Thanks for the reply, I use Podcasts. But it looks at the many different streaming services to find podcasts. It even lets me use the XML file, like what is available from your WordPress site. (in your config) There is a podcast plugin for WordPress that will take care of for you and it would integrate with the Google Analytics plug-in you already use. That way you still completely control it at your site.

  • Jason, I just finished recording one of the longest books to date. I also record for Learning Ally as a volunteer. I haven’t had much luck on Fiverr or Upwork. But I’m still marketing and waiting.

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