Just Do Your Job?

by Jason McCoy

Updated February 2023

Is it bad for your professional career as a voice-over actor if you refuse to record certain scripts?

Can you be selective in the work you do, the projects you take on and turn down jobs that go against your own personal standards, beliefs or values and still be successful in voice-over?

That is the question that was recently sent in and what we’ll be talking about in this episode…

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  • Armand Di Franco says:

    Very good topic!
    I have a similar feeling on this. I feel that you have to personally believe in the work, and the purpose behind it, in order for it to come across believable as an actor.

    • Hi Armand, I agree. It’s hard to sound authentic for something you don’t believe in.

      • Armand Di Franco says:

        Thanks Jason.
        I have been auditioning for Commercial and Character jobs. I don’t like to cus either.
        I recently came across this job for a Mob character, that I felt would have been perfect for me (similar to the one on my Character demo, on my website dsvoices.com), but it had F*** bombs throughout. Even though it may seem authentic to some, I know of some ways to work around a few a them, without actually saying it. However, I don’t think the client would go for it, according to their description.
        Like you stated, I believe the main thing is Authenticity and Conviction.

  • Rich Hallstrom says:

    Integrity is always important never compromise. Your integrity can also be a good selling point.

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