Free Scripts for Voice Over Auditions

by Jason McCoy

Updated March 2023

Free scripts for voice over auditions

Using free voice-over scripts for auditions can be a great way to improve your skills.

By reading and practicing with these scripts (that have been written by professional copywriters), you can learn new techniques and improve your delivery.

After you've read through the script a few times and maybe even recorded yourself, you'll then want to compare your read to the final voice-over.

So go ahead and give these free voice over scripts a try - you might just surprise yourself with what you can do and how far you can go by practicing on your own.

Look for more voiceover practice scripts to be added soon.

Nest Cam (Battery) From Google

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This is the battery powered Nest Cam from Google. It's a camera with built in intelligence that helps keep an eye on your home and gives you a 24/7 live view of the things you love. Nest cam runs on a rechargeable battery. So you can install it anywhere around the house. From your patio, to your living room. Now you can tune into your home from anywhere with the Google Home app and watch Brando say hi to his best friend. "Hey". You can even tap to say "Brando shake hands, good boy". Yep Nest Cam let’s you listen in and talk back from anywhere. The camera can also detect people, vehicles and animals, and send alerts to your phone so you'll know exactly when your dog walker arrives. And if you only want alerts about certain parts of your home you can customize an activity zone. Now you'll only get notifications when things happen in the areas you care about. So say you come home and notice something missing from the balcony. Hmm. Well Nest Cam’s video history lets you playback events from up to the past three hours. So you'll see exactly when your neighbors kid borrowed your bike. Come on that's a family heirloom. And if you want access to more video history, sign up for Nest Aware in the Google store. Starting at 6 bucks a month, you'll get 30 days of events playback on all your Nest cams and displays. Now say there's a storm and the power and Wi-Fi go out. No worries, Nest Cam keeps recording even when the power's down. It can store up to an hour of recorded events on its local memory. Aww, looks like Brando slept right through the storm. Now what about when it's dark out and hard to see. Well Nest Cam has night vision. And there's also the Nest cam with floodlight. So if it's late and you hear a noise outside you'll be able to see what's happening. "Hey Google show me the outdoor camera". Looks like someone invited a friend over. "Hey Brando, your buddy’s here. Oh, sorry still sleeping". And that's how you can check in on your home anytime from anywhere with a battery powered Nest Cam from Google.

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Zoom Powers the Anywhere Workforce

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While many businesses are eager to welcome their employees back to the office others aren't in the same rush. And that's okay. Today's workplace needs have evolved. And business Leaders are rethinking how they can support their distributed workforce. At Zoom, we are committed to helping businesses get the most out of their unique work spaces.

So if your employees are on-site, remote or a mix of both, Zoom can help you and your team stay safe and efficient. We have the products and features you need to optimize your space. And fully enable the hybrid workforce. Whether you need to be in the office, out in the field or in your own workspace. Connect, share ideas and get more done together. Wherever you are.

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Stihl - Made in America

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It's just three words but they tell you everything you need to know. They tell you why we employ more than two thousand workers at our factory in Virginia Beach.

Why there are over ten thousand local Stihl dealers in communities all across this nation. And why we're putting battery power in the hands of Americans.

Just three words. Three words you can kick dirt on. Drag through the mud. But you can't cover up.

Not everyone can say them. But we can. Made in America.

Real Stihl. Find Yours.

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A Brief History - John Baldessari

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This is John Baldessari's pencil.

This is John Baldessari's chair.

This is what John Baldessari sees when he sits at his desk.

This is a film about John Baldessari. The artist.

John Baldessari decided that this film should be narrated by me, Tom Whites.

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  • I don’t know if it’s intended, but the Nest Cam script has virtually no punctuation throughout – commas, periods, dashes to delineate sentences and phrases aren’t there. The first words in an obvious sentence are not even capitalized, and sometimes a wrong word is used. For the most part, the script is basically one long run-on sentence with a lot of errors.

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