How to Customize the VO Demo Player

by Jason McCoy

Updated January 2023

This guide will walk you through customizing the VO Demo Player Plugin on your WordPress website.

If you haven't yet, you can download the VO Demo Player Plugin here. Then follow these installation instructions before customizing.

Customizing the VO Demo Player Plugin

Before you customize the player plugin (don't worry, it's easy), you'll need to upload your voice-over demos as MP3 files.

Step 1 - In the WordPress dashboard, click Media - Add New. Then click Select Files or drag and drop the MP3 files to upload them.

Once uploaded, go to Media and open each file. On the right, look for "Copy URL to clipboard". You'll want to copy the URL for each track to use for the next step:

Step 2 - Click VO Demo Player Playlists for the menu. Click "Add New". Add a title for this playlist and then goto the TRACKS tab.

Add VO Demo Player Playlist

Click add track to add the URL to the MP3 (uploaded in step 1). Also give a title and a description.

Add as many tracks as you need.

Then click the PUBLISH button to save.

Step 3 - Click over to the FONTS tab

Use any Google font you'd like.

Add the name of the font to the Google fonts Name box.

Also, add the font name, and size to the Title and Description fields. You can also set the colors here as well.

Step 4 - Click over to the COLORS tab

Under the colors tab, you can set colors for each piece of the player.

Then on the active playing track tab to change colors when a track is playing.

Step 5 - Click over to the ACTIVE PLAYING TRACK tab

Under the active playing track tab, you can set colors to change to show the active playing track.

Click Publish or Update to save your changes.

Step 6 - Copy the shortcode

Copy the shortcode generated and place inside your website anywhere you want the player to appear.

If you have a question about the VO Demo Player Plugin, leave a comment and I'll be sure to reply.

Voiceover Success Guide

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Voice-Over Success


  • Hi Jason,
    Just bought your new VO player. Thanks for creating this!
    I also use Thrive Architect. I’m always amazed how your sites look so good, and mine, well…still trying.
    Question: Do you build with a theme or create from a blank slate?
    I used a theme and keep fighting the alignments when adding new content.
    Thanks, John

    • Thanks John. I use the Thrive Theme Builder (the included Omni theme most often). It’s included with Thrive Suite. For some pages though, I just use a blank slate.

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