Creating a VO Website For Your Business

by Jason McCoy

Updated August 2022

In this episode of the Voice Acting 101 Podcast, you'll learn:

  • Why you need a website for your voice-over business
  • Steps & Tools you can use to set-up your website
  • What to include on your website

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  • Armand Di Franco says:

    Very good information.
    Thank you Jason.

  • Anna Rica says:

    Thank you for this most helpful and informative podcast. As a voice actor just starting out-(not very savvy about the why’s & wherefors)-bit of a dinosaur kind of person, ha.)Very much needed for me. Thanks for the links also.Brilliant Job!! Jason thanks again.

  • Kia ora Jason,

    I want to do a few things online (voice over and editing) which might compliment each other for the businesses I’m targeting. I’m thinking of combining my services onto one web page so to use one hosting and domain name. This would be cheaper than having to make two websites. However, it might not look as professional or specific… What would be your recommendations?

    • Do you mean editing voice-over or editing something else? I always prefer to keep things separate. Many hosts allow multiple domains within 1 account, the extra cost would really only be the cost of the domain registration.

  • Outstanding, Jason! Loved your podcast. Very smooth, informative, and to the point with great information.

  • What program do you use to be able to play back your podcast, like you did at the top of this page. thx

  • Mike Holmes says:

    Hello Jason, I’ve been looking on Thrive and can’t find audio players. I assume they have them, and, I hope, appearance choices. Yes? I’ve had a Wix site, and, being a word person (written several thousand commercials) and not a computer person, I had a hard time doing design work and editing. You mentioned that Thrive had similarities to Wix. I hope it’s more intuitive and easier to use.

    I don’t know how ‘fun’ to get when designing the site. I see a lot of stuff that’s just overkill, where nearly everything you mouse over or click on dissolves in a puff of smoke, changes color / size, starts an animation. I would think people seeking a vo just want to know “What do you sound like and how much do you charge?” But I don’t want to be totally static to the point of no excitement. I’d like comments from you about this and to look at sites you market yourself with, if you can give me links.

    Thanks very much!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thrive only offers 1 audio element option. You can incorporate third-party solutions like VoiceZam or WavePlayer though. Wix always looked simple to use but too limiting. Thrive Architect is a good balance between ease of use and capability.

      I agree, people just want to hear your demo and get a price or tell you about the project. A little flair can spice it up but too much is overwhelming.

      My site is

  • Hey Jason, nice podcast! In addition to Thrive Architect, which I have not used, I designed my entire site on WordPress using Elementor. It is also a drag and drop and allows you to design custom made Templates for a specific page or your entire site as well as pre-designed blocks which you can use on your site. Really easy for novices and experts alike. Thanks,

    • Hi Don, Thanks for the comment. I’ve also looked into Elementor and it looked great. Thrive Architect is very similar with drag and drop elements – only difference I noticed was Elementor required a yearly fee, vs. a one-time purchase for Thrive Architect. Even with the yearly fee, Elementor is very affordable.

  • Crash Cole says:

    Thanks a lot of good info, and ideas, as always !!!

  • Mike Holmes says:

    Jason, please make the audio player wider. Trying to back up and re-listen to a comment on a narrow player causes one to overshoot. Thanks!

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