How to Audition for Voice-Over Jobs on Voice123

by Jason McCoy

Recurring clients are the backbone of a successful voice over business.

Here’s what the process looks like:
– Client takes a chance and hires you for a project
– You go above and beyond to impress the client and they love your work
– Client comes back and wants you to do another job for them

Repeat that 50X or 100X and you’re on your way to a more secure VO business.

But how do you get the client to hire you the first time?

There’s a number of marketing techniques you can use to pick up new clients. And you should test and adjust as many as possible to see what works best for you.

The problem is…most require you to build a relationship.

Building a client relationship from scratch is great and works well, but it does take time. And you have to wait for them to have a job they can send you, which takes more time.

Pay-to-play voice casting sites are one way to get to the ‘client with a job and ready to hire’ part faster. I’ve used them since the beginning to help build my client base.

Voice123 is great for this because you work directly with clients (so you can start a relationship).

Here’s a video showing an inside look at how I audition on Voice123.

In the video, I cover:
– Benefits of using Voice123
– An easy editing trick to help you audition faster
– What NOT to do when looking at job details

I hope it helps you!

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