Are Voice-Over Demo CDs a waste?

by Jason McCoy

Recently I received a question related to voice over marketing (which always seems to be a popular topic).

Here’s the email:

mailing voice over demo cds email question

Is sending your voice over demo on CD via snail mail a waste?

I was a big fan of mailing out voice over demo CDs back in the day.

In fact, there are two instances (from many years ago) I remember sending out around 400 CD packages within 30 day periods.

The first time was when I was just getting started in voice over.

Radio imaging was the voice over niche I was most interested in at the time and I wanted to see if I could pick up more radio clients.

So I purchased a list of commercial radio stations, put together a nice marketing package and snail mailed my imaging demo CD to as many CHR, alternative and country radio station program directors as I could find.

The result?

Two clients.

2 Clients / 400 CDs Mailed = 0.005 Success Rate

That may not seem like much but thankfully both clients were large market radio stations that paid well and ended up retaining my voice over services for years.

So, it does work and it was worth it for me back in the day, but…

Is it worth it to mail out your voice over demo on CD today?

Even though I saw success with mailing out marketing packages years ago, I don’t think it’s the best way to spend your marketing budget now.

Here’s why…

First, it’s expensive.

When you factor in the cost of CDs, mailers, and postage, plus the time it takes you to put it all together and ship, it gets expensive, especially if you plan to continue to market this way.

Second, the odds are stacked against you.

Many things have to fall into place in order for this marketing campaign to be successful.

You’ve got to…

– Hope you have the correct mailing address

– Address it to the right person

– The postal service has to physically deliver it

– Your prospect has to take time to open it

– It must be received at a time when the prospect has a need or is interested in voice over

– Your prospect has to like what they hear on your demo

– And finally they have to make an effort to get in touch with you

That’s a lot of obstacles to overcome.

No wonder I only saw a 0.005 success rate.

Third, when was the last time you used a CD player?

With everything being digital now, does a prospect even want to receive a CD in the mail ?

I personally wouldn’t want to have to open it up and find a cd player.

Sending a CD might create more work for your prospect.

All that said, there is ONE benefit I see to mailing CDs to prospects:

Since there aren’t many people that take the time to actually send something via the postal service, you will instantly stand out, which would be beneficial in an industry like voice over.

While standing out from the crowd is important in voice over marketing, all the other negatives that go along with mailing CDs show that there are probably other ways to get a better return on your investment.

Marketing Alternatives to Test

Maybe you…

Still mail something (so you’ll stand out) but not a CD…

…or…you try email marketing…

…or…you work on building client relationship over time….

It will require testing things out, but you’ll eventually find ways to get the best return on your investment.

Also, keep in mind, improving your ROI isn’t just something to consider when you’re marketing, spending and buying things for your voice over business…

You also need to get the best return on your time – which could mean turning down a low paying job so you’re available for one that pays more or hiring someone to free up your time to record more.


Ask yourself: “Can I get better results by using my time or money differently?

How about you?

Which form of voice over marketing has given you the highest success rate?

Let me know in the comments below.

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