3 Changes for This Coming Year

by Jason McCoy

Updated February 2023

The countdown is on! The end of the year is now just a few days away.

Hopefully you've already given some thought to what worked well in your voice-over business over the past year.

Of course, not everything is going to be perfect and work the way you hoped.

Now's a great time to look for things to change and ways to improve.

That’s what we’re talking about today on this episode...

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  • Great episode Jason. I especially liked the unsubscribing part. There’s a lot of stuff I get that I don’t even read that just ends up clogging up my inbox.

    • Thanks Cecil! Definitely! Random emails coming in add up fast. Even deleting an email takes time, so it’s good to reduce the waste.

  • Steven Carlson says:

    Hello Jason – These last 2 podcasts have been great as we look ahead to 2022. I do hope you will document what you do if your create your own acoustic panels for improve your studio space as I feel I need to do more along those lines here. Thank you – Steven

  • Hi Jason,
    I would like to see a video of you building/analyzing your studio space.
    It’s helpful to see what other folks do in their recording booth.

    Thanks, John

    • Sounds good John. I’ll try to create a video to go along with building sound absorption panels.

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