13,907+ Voice Over Prospects

13,907+ Voice Over Prospects

No matter what business you’re in, it’s important that people know you’re available for hire.

If you start a lawn care business, you have to tell people about what you do.

You’ve got to get the word out…

Otherwise, they won’t know they can hire you.

It’s the same in voice over.

Sure – from time to time, someone may find you out of the blue and want to hire you.

But that’s rare.

Especially since they may not even know you exist:

getting a voice over client

If you want to have work as a voice actor and voice over prospects aren’t magically finding you, you have to go find them.

So today I’ll show you:

1 quick technique you can use to find over 13,000 voice over prospects.

Let’s get started:

Step 1 – Sign up for HubSpot CRM FREE

In case you don’t know, a CRM is basically a database where you can keep information about your clients and leads. I’ve spent way too much time searching for a CRM.

I’ve tried many CRMs and still haven’t found one that works best for me. They usually have way more features than what I need it for (like deals and sales data I’ll never use).

It’s like using Pro Tools for voice over.

Yeah, it works, but it does so much more than what you’ll use it for.

(No offense if you’re a PT user)

When I was testing out several CRMs I found one part of the HubSpot CRM really useful.

And that is “Prospects“.

So step 1 is to sign up for HubSpot CRM (it’s free).

Step 2 – Log-in and go to “Prospects”

Once you’ve created your account, HubSpot will walk you though the system to help you understand how to use it.

Once the tour is over, you’ll want to hover over the “Sales Tools” drop-down menu, and click on “Prospects”:

voice over prospects crm

This will bring up the prospects page.

Step 3 – Click “Company Insights”

For what we’re doing, we don’t care about website visits. So the next step is to click “Company Insights” in order to bring up HubSpot’s database of contacts.

prospective voice over clients

This shows HubSpot has 27.6 Million prospects in their database.

You may even be one of the contacts listed.

NOTE: If you’re having trouble finding the Company Insights tab, see the conclusion of this guide.

Step 4 – Narrow down the Prospects

27 million contacts is a lot to sort through.

You’ll want to narrow down the results by searching for the type of companies you want to work with.

Just type your search term in the search box.

Use any phrase you want as long as it fits the voice over niche you’re going after.

Like the search term….

“video production”

…and you’ll get 1,467 prospects:

video production voice over

or use the search term “animation

…and you’ll get 1,932 prospects:

animation voice over

And since advertising is such a huge part of voice over, try the term “advertising

…which brings up over 10k results:

advertising voice over

See how easy that was?

3 quick searches brought up 13,907 prospective clients.

That’s a nice start to your prospecting.

These are people that probably hire voice actors and may be interested in hiring you for voice over.

voice over prospect list

But they don’t know you exist.

Step 5 – Visit Each Site and Contact Them

If you click the domain name, it’ll take you to the prospect’s website.

Here you can review the type of work they do to see if you’d be a good fit.

If so, all you have to do is reach out to them, introduce yourself and let them know you exist.


So by using the prospecting feature of HubSpot’s FREE CRM, you’re able to get a huge list of potential clients.

Here’s the bad news though:

While I was writing about this technique, HubSpot announced the “company insights” tab is going to be removed on September 1st.

Here’s the note:

HubSpot Prospecting

I guess all good things must come to an end. And my search for a CRM I love continues.

So since you only have about a week and a half to implement this strategy, you’d better hurry!

I hope you’ll be able to use this technique to start prospecting and finding new clients now!

If you’re reading this after September 1, 2016, I’d suggest you try one of these techniques.


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