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23 Ways to Find Voice Over Work Today That Will Generate Income Tomorrow (Updated 2019)

What does it take to find voice-over work?

I mean, you’ve probably already…

Mastered your voice-over training…

And your recording stud

Voice-Over Resources
(The Ultimate List)

Voice-over is fun, but it's also a business.

And like any business there are voice-over resources like tools, equipment, products and people that will help m

Are Auditions The Final Job? Q&A

Today's voice-over question comes from Craig, via a comment on the 

How to Generate Leads Online

What's the quickest way to grow any business?

Find people (aka leads) who want to buy what you offer.


Using a CRM in Your Voice-Over Business

​​​​Building a sustainable voice-over business requires one-on-one relationships with your clients.

So how do you start

9 Voice-Over Productivity Tips

The past few months have flown by!

Work, family, and life in general have been crazy busy.

As a self-employed voice-over actor, there’s always somet

Voice Over Tips For Better Sounding Voice-Over

Every once in awhile someone will ask me to give their voice-over demo or a recent audition a listen and provide feedback. (Usually b/c they aren’t getting enough VO work and want to know WHY)

Some sound amazing

…and others need s

Stop Marketing Voice Over (this way)

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve gotta continually build your client base.

If you don’t you’ll either never get your business off the ground or you’ll eventually go out of business.

Even if you’re happy with the number of clients you have now

Are Voice Over Demo CDs a Waste?

Recently I received a question related to voice over marketing (which always seems to be a popular topic).

Here’s the email:

Read This Guide

Using an ISOVOX 2 for Voice Over?

One of the first questions that come to mind when you’re just getting started in voice over is:

Which microphone should you use?

It’s a good question, but I think the question you should first ask yourself is:

How am I going to control the

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