Stop Marketing Voice-Over

(This Way)

by Jason McCoy

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve gotta continually build your client base.

If you don’t you’ll either never get your business off the ground or you’ll eventually go out of business.

Even if you’re happy with the number of clients you have now, client loss (or attrition) is normal for one reason or another.

As a voice talent, you’ve gotta get the word out that you’re open for business.

The Goal

The goal is to increase the number of clients you work with. Right?

You sell voice over. You want to find the people who need voice over and are willing to pay you a decent rate.

Sounds like a simple and easy goal to accomplish.

And there’s a bunch of ways you can find voice over clients that will give you work.

Some marketing experts suggest is cold calling.

But not everyone is comfortable calling strangers out of the blue to ask for something.

Cold calling does work…

But WHO really enjoys cold calling? Do you?

If you do, congrats – you’re unique and you’re probably crushing it in voice over sales.

But most people don’t enjoy it. And for voice artists, who tend to be creative types first and foremost – being the least bit sales-y doesn’t always come naturally to us. So you may not want to have anything to do with cold calling as a way to drum up work.

And for good reason.

You know what it’s like to get a sales call. You don’t like it. So the person you’re calling out of the blue probably doesn’t like the fact you just interrupted what they were doing.

And even if you’re not asking for a sale, maybe you’re just asking them if they are currently accepting voice over demos, it’s still uncomfortable.

So you end up not doing it and you hope you can somehow find clients another way.

Well lucky for you, there are other ways.

Email Marketing

I’ve talked about this before but if cold calling isn’t your thing, email marketing might be.

Email marketing has been one of the best ways I’ve grown my business year after year. In fact, sending an email is how I picked up my very first voice over client over 20 years ago.

It was easy. I sent an email. Got a reply. Did one voice over sample. Got hired.

Email marketing worked back then and it still works today.

Unfortunately, it may not be as easy as it was back when I started.

That’s because email marketing has it’s challenges too.

Like the fact that 2.6 million emails are sent every second.

To break that down some, the average person receives 121 emails a day.

121 emails a day!

With the sheer amount of email, coupled with a short attention span and leads being busier than ever, it all amounts to emails going unanswered or worse just getting deleted.

This means that if you’re using email as part of your marketing efforts, it pays to test things out and work to increase the probability of turning that email into a client (eventually).

Bad Email Marketing Examples

Right now, most voice over email marketing is awful.

The problem is these voice over peeps have stumbled upon email marketing and end up doing it poorly (close to being spam). Maybe they’ve taken a voice over course or a voice over coach has told them to email every business that deals with voice over.

So they do.

They send email after email, of the same exact message, with no care about who they are sending it to.

Every week I receive marketing emails that all say the same thing.

They usually go like this:

1) They tell me who THEY are.

2) They tell me what THEY do and how great THEY are.

3) They tell me what THEY want me to do.

In other words, it’s all about THEM!

Here’s one from this week…

bad voice over email marketing example 2

My name is plastered all over my voice over website and yet, they don’t take the time to know who I am.

Here’s another…

bad voice over email marketing example 1

That one didn’t even bother to say hello.

Notice how every sentence starts with “I” or “my”?

And yet another…

bad voice over email marketing example 3

If you’re sending emails like this, please stop marketing this way.

You will quickly be forgotten and your response rates will be dismal.

Even these poorly written emails will sometimes get a response if you send to enough people (which is what these voice artists are doing and hoping). But if you’re going to go through the effort of sending out emails why not maximize your response rates?

You Can Do Better

Here’s how…

Hubspot has a list of 50 rules of email marketing that can help.

My three favorite rules from the list are:

#1- Send emails people want to receive, to people who want to receive them.

#2 – Your emails should add value, not ask for it.

#45 – Not all email is created equal. Emails should be tailored to every individual recipient.

I would add, if you don’t know the prospects’s name, you shouldn’t be sending them an email.


The bottom line in email marketing (and in life) is to make it about them, not you.

Build a relationship. Nurture that relationship and you’ll have a great chance at converting them into a paying client.

More work? Yes.

That’s okay, you’ll build a client base of loyal clients who love to work with you for many years to come.

How about you?

Do you work to build strong relationships with prospects and clients?

Did you build that relationship with email marketing?

Let me know in the comments below.

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