Are Auditions The Final Job? Q&A

Are Auditions The Final Job? Q&A

Today's voice-over question comes from Craig, via a comment on the Voice Acting 101 YouTube channel...


"The audition submittals we create and send to be considered.... are they really auditions and the real deal is to be recorded later, or are they intended to be the final product for consideration?

I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere...

Thanks, Craig"


Auditions are just free custom samples for potential clients (a.k.a. prospects).

The quality and effort of your audition should be equal to what you'd do if hired. 

Usually, an audition is just a portion of the script to give the prospect a better idea of how you'd sound if hired for their voice-over job.

If the prospect likes your sample (audition), then they'll hire you and give you specific direction on what they liked/disliked about your audition.

You then take that feedback to record the final version of the voice-over.

I've had some clients say the audition was perfect and they just pay for the audition, but it's very rare.

Oddly enough, it just happened this past week:

voice over job from audition

But usually there is something to tweak or they just want an alternate read to be safe.

Even in the example above, I still sent the client two additional reads so they'd have options.

Once a prospect becomes a client they don't usually ask you to audition for every job they have. They trust you'll do the same great work you've done in the past.

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  • Alan Wuertenberg

    This is a good question. There is a “fear” among us beginners that we could potentially make a demo that ends up being used by the client and our not getting paid for it. I guess that is one of the advantages of using a “site”.

    • Jason McCoy

      Hi Alan – Someone could still rip off your work when using a casting site. If it’s a concern, I would leave out a line of the script. Generally though, I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt.

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